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Nokia 6220 Classic
Newest 5 mega pixels camera phone from Nokia with Carl Zeiss Lens and Xeon flash. Comes with A-GPS and Nokia Maps

Canon SD870 or Ixus860
Canon only 28mm wide angle camera. Large LCD screen. Time-lapse video functions.

Phototaking Tips
Techniques on night shot, near distant macro, panoramic view etc... There are also articles on how to select your phone or camera.

Noise Measurement
Compares the noise level of various camera, including camera phone. We provide test in different lighting conditions, e.g. outdoor, indoor, flash, etc...

Nokia vs Samsung - Handphone camera comparisons

Here, we are comparing the cameras of two handphones, namely Nokia 5220 Classic vs Samsung Z370 (Ultra Edition 8.4). Nokia 5220 Classic equips 5 Mega pixels camera, while Samsung Z370 is a 2 Mega pixels camera phone.

Function wise, Nokia 5220 Classic comes with powerful xeon flash, while Samsung Z370 (Ultra 8.4) has no flash. Nokia 5220 Classic can also auto-focus. Unfortunately, the shutter sound of Nokia 5220 Classic cannot be turned off, while Samsung Z370 can take the shutter without giving out any sound.

Let us take a look at the photo quality in a bright sunny outdoor environment. The first larger image is by Nokia 5220 Classic. The image is slight larger than the one with Samsung Z370 (below), as it is a 5 mega pixels. You can also see that the white balance is better in Nokia in this case.

The details of the textile can also be seen clearly in the above photo.

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